Hiking and Trekking

Wild and Free! Passover Bedouin Trek across Ancient Desert Paths

Finjan is taking its yearly Passover trek through the untouched wilderness between Bethlehem and the Dead Sea. This year’s adventure will take us from the desert of Rashayda, escorted by local, Palestinian Bedouins to the ancient ascent of the Essenes – the Jewish sect traditionally associated with the authorship of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Our adventure will put us in touch with some of the Judean Desert’s most remote and ancient paths while giving us an intimate understanding of wilderness life and the local Bedouins who still adhere to their traditional roots. In this area, at the heart of the desert, ancient traditions die-hard while the Law of the Desert still governs daily life amongst the local communities inhabiting the area.

This event will take place in Area B and Area C of the West Bank as designated by Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

So what’s on tap?

We will begin our day (Friday April 6) with transport from Tel Aviv (with pickups along the way) en route to the Palestinian village of Rashayda and the surrounding desert areas before meeting our Bedouin guides and hosts. From there, we will begin our first day of exploration in Bethlehem’s Wilderness via Rujum a Naka, an old Jordanian Police Station guarding the desert paths.

We will camp out in the area of Ras Hamama (large Bedouin tent provided with mattresses) and stuff our bellies after a desert sunset surrounded by the sounds played by the Bedouin musicians.

Our next day will take us to the heights of Wadi Arugot, one of Ein Gedi’s two riverbeds before we descend to the high pools of Arugot via the ancient ascent of the Essenes. From there, we will cool off in the upper pools of Wadi Arugot and Ein Gedi before heading back to Tel Aviv.


Friday, April 6th: 09:00 AM Meeting point at Tel Aviv Central Train Station (Savidor)

  • Bus to the Palestinian Bedouin village of Rashayda via Jerusalem and the Highway Tunnels around Bethlehem
  • Hike to Bedouin caves for tea and coffee with our Palestinian Bedouin guides
  • Local exploration at Rujum a Naqa, an old Jordanian Police station
  • Hike to Ras Hamama
  • Camping under the starts (large Bedouin tent, dinner included)

Saturday, April 7th: Bedouin Breakfast + Hike

  • Hiking above Wadi Arugot from Ras Hamama
  • Full day of exploration above on the ancient trails of the Judean Desert
  • Steep descent via the Essenes Ascent towards Wadi Arugot
  • Swimming in the upper pools and a shower under the waterfall
  • Hiking through water (possibly) – you can hike above the stream
  • Return to Tel Aviv with bus

Costs – Check out the SPECIAL PRESALE!!!!!

PRESALE SPECIAL EARLY DISCOUNT payment of just 255 NIS via PayPal directly to Finjan (covers transport from Tel Aviv to Rashayda and return to Tel Aviv + Finjan guides).

Regular priced tickets will be sold at 295 NIS via PayPal

  • 150 NIS CASH payment to Bedouin family for meals, hosting and mattresses (paid on day of hike)
  • 23 NIS entrance to Wadi Arugot (sometimes the rangers don’t collect money coming from the way we enter)

Please note: This is a fix priced and is non negotiable, regardless of whether or not participants choose to eat or sleep ‘outside’ of the area.

Important things to consider:

  • This hike is in Area B and Area C of the West Bank as designated by Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Each traveler is responsible for his or her own safety
  • If you are a vegetarian or vegan, please let us know after signing up so we can prepare a special meal option.
  • Mattresses and blankets will be provided; however, we recommend to bring a sleeping bag
  • The hike is an intermediate hike with some steep descents.
  • The trip is contingent on a certain amount of participants and will be cancelled should we not meet this requirement
  • Please make sure you have at least 4.5 litres of water for the hike. We provide water on Day 2
  • This is not a trip for those allergic to the sun and moon 🙂



Security, Safety, Cancellation Policy

Each traveller is responsible for his/her own health, security and safety

This hike is in Area C and B of the West Bank as defined by Israel and the Palestinian Authority

Each traveller is required to bring at least 4.5 litres of water

Sturdy shoes and appropriate gear is required as stated by Finjan

Full refunds will be issued no later than 96 hours prior to the hike as we are required to pay certain suppliers up until this date

Included in the payment made to PayPal is the cost of transport from Jerusalem and return to Tel Aviv and licensed tour guide and outdoor specialist for both days.

Payment does not include 150 NIS cash for meals, hosting and sleeping arrangements nor does it include 23 NIS entry to Ein Gedi (payable by Credit Card or Cash)

Finjan has the right to change the route of the trip based on weather conditions and professional considerations decisions around safety. 

This trip is exclusively part of Finjan Israel and not operated by another organizer.


Apr 06



TYPE OF TRIP:Hiking and Trekking


COST: 255 NIS Early Bird Special; 295 NIS Regular Priced Tix

What’s included in the total price (paid online and in cash)

Full transport from Tel Aviv and return to Tel Aviv

Finjan guide team

Palestinian Bedouin guides

Full, locally cooked dinner on Day 1

Breakfast on Day 2

Tea and Coffee throughout the trip

Mattresses and Large Bedouin Tent

Water refill on Day 2

Performance from regionally famous Rababa/Flute player (Bedouin entertainment)

What to bring?

Sleeping bag or blankets

Backpack for hiking

Swimming costume for the pools

Sturdy shoes for desert hiking

Water sandals (optional for water part)

4.5 litres of water for Day 1


Warm clothes for the evening

Any medications you need

Flashlight (suggested)