6 tips to hike safely in the Israeli summer

April 29, 2019

Summer is here, be prepared!

The number one issue for travelers on this season, is dealing with hot climate, it is the number one reason for injuries and fatalities for hikers.

  1. Here are few tips we learned over years of hiking in the summer:
    Clothing: learn from the Bedouins, don’t leave your skin exposed to the sun, wear long and loose clothes. Always wear a hat!
  2. Hydration: bring enough water to the trail (the thumb rule is 1 liter per hour of hiking), drink frequently, and have sweet and cold drinks as much as possible to compensate for sweating.
  3. Acclimation: If you are not used to the heat, or traveling from a colder climate, don’t plan a long and difficult trails, let your body adjust to the heat first, to avoid dehydration and heat strokes.
  4. Route planning: avoid hiking in areas that are low (Judean desert, Jordan Valley etc.), and days that are on a massive heat waves, plan your trip so you can rest in a shaded areas during the hot hours of the day, avoid isolated areas with no signal in case of emergency.
  5. Emergency: if you are in trouble, call 100 to the police, and they will contact the regional search and rescue teams to help you.
  6. Be aware of your body, if you show any signs of dehydration or heat stroke, find a shaded place and stop to cool down!

Stay safe and cool out there.