Trek, travel…taste – it’s time for Finjan to give you Israel Unfiltered. Finjan is an alternative travel and trekking company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. We primarily cater to independent travelers and small groups looking to explore Israel ‘beyond the guidebook’. Finjan partners with both Palestinian and Jordanian operators on a number of its trips within the Palestinian Territories and Jordan as a way to promote regional, grassroots cooperation between local businesses. Our primary clients include diplomats, visiting academics, journalists, and student groups. Finjan is a leader in diplomatic tourism, political travel and connecting travelers to the local business and innovation scene. Here are our specialties:

  • Hiking and the Great Outdoors
  • Political and Diplomatic Tours/Encounters
  • Culinary Excursions
  • Middle East history and political discourse
  • Local religions, ethnic groups, personal encounters
  • Trips within Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Jordan

We build bonds through nature, food and personal encounters. This is the best way for anyone to connect to the land.

The name behind it all: So, why the name Finjan? Well, we believe that pure travel bliss can only be fully achieved by drinking your fair share of coffee throughout the journey. Wherever we are, the Finjan is always by our side – ready to brew the finest grounds.

Ah but wait, we still didn’t say what a Finjan is. The Finjan is the vessel we use to prepare our coffee. All across the Middle East, you will see this variation on a theme. So as we say, without the Finjan, there is no coffee, and without the coffee – there is no trek!

There’s an old Bedouin proverb that goes like this: Coffee must be as dark as the night, strong like a woman…and bitter like marriage. Now its our time to take you to the places your guidebook won’t.


Our Team


stephen rubin

Stephen Rubin is a licensed Israeli tour guide through the Ministry of Tourism, journalist and self-proclaimed coffee baron living in Holon, Israel. He is passionate about Israel’s great outdoors, unique multiethnic dimensions and endless culinary secrets! Stephen holds an M.A. in Diplomacy and Middle East Studies from Tel Aviv University and is a co-founder of Finjan.

Ariel Lasman

Ariel Lasman is a licensed Israeli tour guide through the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. He is an outdoor specialist, geographer and co-founder of Finjan currently living in Tel Aviv, Israel. You can often find him leading travellers through Israel’s deep desert canyons and self-discovered, alternative travel destinations across the country. He holds an M.A in Geography from Bar-Ilan University and is one of the co-founders of Finjan.