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Hermits and Waterfalls: Swim and Hike in Upper Wadi Qelt

179.50 - 195.00 NIS
Per person
179.50 - 195.00 NIS
Per person


Meeting Time:06:30

Completion Time: 18:00


Join Finjan for one of our favourite excursions into the narrows of the Judean Desert where we will explore the area’s storied history of monasticism traipsing our way through fresh water pools and waterfalls that comprise the desert scape.

This is a wonderful way to cool off in the heat while learning about the area’s hidden, monastic traditions that have defined the local landscape since the advent of Christianity. Our trip will include stunning views of ancient monasteries, picturesque swimming areas and one of the country’s most beautiful viewpoints with a cup of coffee!

For the last 1700 years, the Judean Desert has served as a mecca for those looking to escape the rigours of daily life in the holy city of Jerusalem. The Judean Desert, while in close proximity to Jerusalem, provided an area of refuge for those looking to expand their spiritual connection in Jerusalem’s wilderness areas.

The area is also known for its multitude of hidden pools and waterfalls that are fed by springs throughout the year. We will start at the entrance to the national reserve – tickets and entrance fees are included in the price of the trip. The hike will finish at Ein Mabua for a final swim and some popsicles before we head to a stunning view over St. George Monastery – an active Greek Orthodox monastery, hanging deep in the lower areas of Wadi Qelt.


Discounted tickets will be available at a special reduced rate of 179.50 NIS through August 31st.

Regular priced tickets will be sold from September 1st to the day of the trip at 195 NIS

  • Price for both tickets includes entrance to the nature reserve, full transport and expert guide(s) plus some excellent coffee along the way


Full transport leaving and returning to Tel Aviv is provided by Finjan. We will have pickups en route if requested including in Jerusalem on the way to the trip. Let us know if you will be joining from a different location!


This trip requires suitable footwear for hiking. Water shoes, hiking sandals or shoes that you don’t mind getting wet are recommended for this trip since we will have a walk through some water!

Make sure you bring your swimming costumes!


Terms And Conditions

SAFETY REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS * This trip requires sturdy shoes (no flip flops) suited for rocky terrain. Participants will remain off the trail should their footwear not be suited for the terrain. Please prepare accordingly knowing that there will be water throughout the trip.  * 4.5 Litres of water per person + hat + sunscreen * This trip is located in Area C, beyond the Green Line, as designated by the Israeli Authorities.  * Each participant is responsible for his or her own personal security and health.  REFUND, CANCELATION & TRIP-ADJUSTMENT POLICY *** Included in the price of the ticket is a non-refundable deposit  fee. This fee is 50 NIS *** Full refund including deposit fee will be issued upon request no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled start time. *** Partial refunds will be issued no later than 3 days prior to the trip (50 NIS fee not refunded) *** No refunds will be issued within 72 hours of the scheduled trip *** Should a participant cancel his or her ticket, he or she can inquire about moving the ticket to another Finjan event at the same cost. *** Should a participant request a refund within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time, a full refund can be specially issued if that ticket will be purchased by another participant or someone on the Finjan waiting list. *** Full refund will be issued should the trip be cancelled or postponed for any reason at the discretion of the trek leader(s). *** The trek leader(s) has the right to change the location of the trip prior to or throughout the trip based on weather conditions without issuing a refund to participants. *** The trek leader(s) have full discretion in not allowing a participant to fulfil the trek based on certain health considerations and or lack of proper footwear/water. *** Price includes two fully licensed guides and outdoor specialists, transportation to and from Tel Aviv and lots of coffee! Price does NOT include food and other beverages ***