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Hike, swim… relax! Galilean weekend

470 NIS
Per person
470 NIS
Per person


Meeting Time:12:00

Completion Time: 21:00

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Trip Type:Hiking


Finjan is heading up north for a weekend of hiking, swimming and some Galilean relaxation. Join us for a two day excursion as we explore some of the Upper Galilee’s most beautiful pastures – flowing streams, lush mountain scapes and an evening of camping.

The western Galilee is one of Israel’s precious gems and features rich history, Mediterranean woodlands and a plethora of distinct population groups. During our 2-day excursion, we will get a better look at the area’s fascinating history and its unique cultural elements that have contributed to making this one of the Israel’s most unique regions.

Our first day will include 3-4 hours of hiking and exploring different parts of the Kziv River Gorge – one of the north’s more beautiful streams. We will then spend the evening camping – you can cook your own food in the kitchen facilities that we will provide. There will also be a bonfire to take us through the evening,

The second day will continue through the Kziv River Gorge with more swimming in one of the only streams that has water throughout the entire year. We will be surrounded by excellent places to cool-off amongst the lush landscapes of the Western Galilee.

During our trip, we will also get a closer look at the Montfort Castle, one of the more special Crusader castles that played a major role in the history of the Teutonic Knights in the Holy Land.

From here we will head back to Tel Aviv and Rehovot to begin the week!


Early bird tickets will be sold in limited quantities on a first come, first serve basis at 399 NIS/ticket. Regular priced tickets will be sold for 470 NIS once the early bird tickets have been sold out.

  • Please note, this trip is contingent on a minimum number of participants.

Whats Included

Full transport from Rehovot and Tel Aviv

Logistics (hiking only with day pack)

Finjan Licensed Tour Guide and Outdoor Expert


Campsite arrangements (electricity, cooking area/sink, lighting, water, Zula area)

Water for day 2

Whats Not Included

Food for the trip (you can cook in the evening)

Water for Day 1

Camping gear (no tent required)

Anything not listed above

Whats Not Included

Food for the trip (you can cook in the evening)

Water for Day 1

Camping gear (no tent required)

Anything not listed above


11:30 AM pickup from Rehovot (exact location will be sent prior to the trip)

12:00 pickup from Tel Aviv (exact location will be sent prior to the trip)

Stop en route for final buy and bathrooms

Day 1 Excursion (3-4)

Arrival at campsite

Evening chaos

Day 2 Excrusion

Return to TLV and Rehovot

What To Bring

Day pack for hiking

Water for Day 1 (4 litre)

Food for the multiple days

Swimming costumes

Sturdy shoes for hiking

Sleeping pad

Sleeping bag or blankets for evening

Tent is optional (more for a matter of privacy than weather)

Any medication you may need



Mosquito Repellent

Flashlight or headlamp

Arak, whiskey, wine, beer, etc

Terms And Conditions

All participants are responsible for their own health and safety. Please ensure you are properly fit for this kind of excursion.

All participants are responsible for carrying their own gear. Finjan does not provide food or drinks.

All participants are responsible for their safety in the water. Finjan does not provide a lifeguard.

By consenting to the this trip, you also consent to all of Finjan’s rules and regulations about trail safety and the environment. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in not being allowed to continue with the group.

Please make sure you have insurance for these kinds of activities.

The cost is 470 NIS per participant. Full refunds will be issued up to no later than 72 hours prior to the departure of the trip. Within 72 hours of the starting time of the trip, no refunds will be issued.