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Lions of Zion: Ascent to the Holy City of Jerusalem (5 NIS!!!)

5.00 NIS
Per person
5.00 NIS
Per person


Meeting Time:08:00

Completion Time: 18:00


Celebrate the beginning of our 5th hiking season with a 2-day backpacking trip up to Jerusalem for only 5 NIS! Yup that’s only 5 New Israeli Shekels (crazy, huh?)

Join Finjan for a one time, special backpacking pilgrimage during Sukkot to the Holy City of Jerusalem. And in honour of our 5th hiking season that is kicking off – the trip will only cost 5 NIS per participant!!!

This is going to be a challenging, 2-day adventure that will take us from the Judean Foothills starting in Beit Shemesh via Jerusalem’s western hills and on to the holy city itself – finishing down in the Old City at the Western Wall. These traditions have been carried out for millennia by multiple faiths from all over the world – now it’s our turn to get the full experience!

Total Cost: 5 NIS!!!!

Day 1 – September 30th: From the foothills to the mountains We will meet at the Beit Shemesh Train Depot at 08:00 sharp. From there, we will ascend via the Sorek Stream towards the Cave of Samson, continuing to cover a total incline of 800 meters gradually throughout the day. After a challenging day, we will camp out in the area of the Sataf, one of the high western hills around the city.

Total hiking: 20KM (more or less)

Day 2 – October 1st: Ascent to the Holy City! We will get an early start and make our way from the Sataf towards the abandoned village of Lifta – just on the outer slopes of Jerusalem’s main entrance point. From there, we will start some urban trekking, crossing centuries of history and descending to Jerusalem’s Old City and finally finishing at the Western Wall.

Total hiking: 20KM (a bit less)

How does it work?

All you have to do is sign up through our registration link, pay the 5 NIS and meet us at the Beit Shemesh Train Depot with all your gear for the 2-day adventure. You will want the usual:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Tent (recommended  – not a must)
  • Warm clothes for the night
  • Sturdy shoes for hiking
  • 4.5 litres of water (refill on trail)
  • Food for 2 days

PLEASE NOTE! (PLEASE!!!) – This is a challenging excursion and is best suited for those who have experience in hiking with their backpacks. There are a number of steep ascents and sharp descents throughout the 2 days and there are no points to leave the trail along the way (unless you decide to have someone pick you up at one of the road crossings). You will be carrying everything you need for the two days. The weather will be hot during the day and cool at night. Finjan will not carry your water or gear if it is too heavy for you!

If you are unsure of whether this is suitable for you – please talk to us!

Transportation, gear, and food is not provided by Finjan – but we will provide some coffee and maybe some Arak in the evening!

Terms And Conditions

All participants are responsible for their own health and safety. Please ensure you are properly fit for this kind of excursion.

Finjan will not provide transport to the starting point or from the end point.

All participants are responsible for carrying their own gear. Finjan does not provide food or drinks.

By consenting to the this trip, you also consent to all of Finjan’s rules and regulations about trail safety and the environment. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in not being allowed to continue with the group.

Finjan will not provide assistance to those looking to exit the trail mid way unless out of emergency as defined by Finjkan.

Please make sure you have insurance for these kinds of activities.

The cost is 5 NIS per participant and is not refundable – in any circumstance