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Road Trip! Red Sea, Red Mountains

244 NIS
Per person
244 NIS
Per person


Meeting Time:09:00

Completion Time: TBD

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Trip Type:Hiking, Sightseeing, Archeology


Road trip! Join Finjan for a multi-day road trip down south to Eilat, the Red Sea and Red Mountains. The trip will include early morning / evening hikes, rich archeology, Red Sea beaches and starry nights upon the Eilat Mountains.

The first (official) Finjan road trip is in motion. We are heading down to the southern tip of Israel where the mountains meet the sea and empires battled for the control of the southern Levant and northern Arabia. This is a two-day outing with the option of joining wherever and whenever you want. Or you can come for the whole time which we highly recommend.

  • Timna National Park (light hiking and sightseeing in the park)
  • Archeological sites around Eilat
  • Schoret Canyon evening hike
  • Camping at Mount Yehoram in the Eilat Mountains
  • Sunrise hike at Mount Yehoram
  • Snorkeling down by the Red Sea
  • Afternoon beers to cool off
  • (Possible light hike to finish the 2nd Day at the Red Canyon) – subject to adjustment/change

So, whats the plan?

We will meet (officially) at 09:00 at Timna Reserve on Friday, July 17th. Timna Reserve is one of the most unique and inspiring reserves in the world. Using our vehicles, we will spend a few hours touring Timna National Park, one of Israel’s most captivating archeological and geological areas. We will visit a number of sites in the park that capture the fascinating human history and geological record of the area.

  • For those of you that want to join us Thursday evening to camp out in the area, we’d be happy to have you with us and to see another beautiful sunrise. Otherwise, you can meet us at 09:00 on Friday morning at Timna.

After Timna and a relaxing lunch break, we will head for some of the archeological sites situated around Eilat before embarking on one of the more beautiful hikes in the area (early evening once the heat has died down) at the Schoret Canyon.

  • You can buy lunch at the Timna visitor’s center or bring your own

From here we will head to Eilat to pick up essentials for the evening before heading to our campground at Mount Yehoram, high in the Eilat Mountains.

The next day will begin with a sunrise hike to the top of Mount Yehoram and to be greeted by stunning views into the Sinai Peninsula and surrounding areas. After breakfast we will head for some relaxation and snorkeling on the Red Sea and pop in to a local brewery.

Depending on time / group vibe, we may hike through the Red Canyon or explore some other special parts between Eilat and the Negev and around the Egyptian border

What do you need to do?

This will all be done with your own transport. Just load up the car with your gear for each day and night and we will take care of the rest.

Total cost

The cost of the trip is 244 NISĀ  (122 NIS/day). You can join for both days, or just for a day. This does not include entrance fees to Timna Reserve or anywhere else that may require entry along the way.

Whats Included

Finjan tour guides / outdoor specialists

Coffee provided by Finjan


Whats Not Included

Entrance to Timna Reserve and Park

Transportation (self arrival with your own/shared vehicle)

Food / water


Anything not listed here above

Whats Not Included

Entrance to Timna Reserve and Park

Transportation (self arrival with your own/shared vehicle)

Food / water


Anything not listed here above


09:00 meeting at Timna Park on July 17th (Friday)

Touring and light hiking in Timna (using the vehicles)

Archeological sites / points of interest around Eilat

Evening hike at Schoret Canyon

Camping under Mount Yehoram

Sunrise hike to Mount Yehoram

Red Sea relaxation


Possible afternoon activities on Saturday

What To Bring

Camping gear

Food (you can also buy during the trip for evening/morning meals)

Sturdy shoes for light hiking

Bathing costume for the beach

Any medications you need


Terms And Conditions


* Participants are required to adhere to the latest regulations listed and in accordance with the Israeli Ministry of Health. Finjan will be operating this trip with the updated guidelines.

* Anyone showing symptoms of COVID19 in the days prior to the trip must take the responsibility NOT to join.

* This trip requires sturdy shoes (no flip flops) suited for light hiking. Participants will remain off the trail should their footwear not be suited for the terrain.

* 4.5 Litres of water per person per day + hat + sunscreen (you will have a chance to buy water throughout the trip or fill up at the parks

* Each participant is responsible for his or her own personal security and health.

* Swimming locations may be without a lifeguard and are at the discretion of each individual participant. Finjan is not responsible for decisions made by participants regarding swimming areas without lifeguards.


*** Included in the price of the ticket is a non-refundable deposit fee. This fee is 50 NIS

*** Full refund including deposit fee will be issued upon request no later than 3 days prior to the scheduled start time.

*** Partial refunds will be issued no later than 3 days prior to the trip (50 NIS fee not refunded)

*** No refunds will be issued within 72 hours of the scheduled trip

*** Should a participant request a refund within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time, a full refund can be specially issued if that ticket will be purchased by another participant or someone on the Finjan waiting list.

*** Full refund will be issued should the trip be cancelled or postponed for any reason at the discretion of the trek leader(s).

*** The trek leader(s) has the right to change the location of the trip prior to or throughout the trip based on weather conditions without issuing a refund to participants.

*** The trek leader(s) have full discretion in not allowing a participant to fulfil the trek based on certain health considerations and or lack of proper footwear/water.

*** Price includes two fully licensed guides and outdoor specialists, coffee and cookies! Price does NOT include Transportation, Food or Water or anything that is not listed in the sections above***

Meeting time is 21:00 at the location provided in this event. Failure to show up on time will result in participants being left off the trip.

This trip is part of the Hiking in Israel community.