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Secrets of the Judean Wilderness: An Adventure Beyond Belief



Meeting Time:10:00

Completion Time: 20:00


The northern Judean Desert, between the Dead Sea and Bethlehem, is the only area where Bedouins still live a nomadic lifestyle. We will have the opportunity for an amazing experience with local Palestinian Bedouins who will host us in one of the country’s most isolated areas and completely ‘off the grid’.

The trip will combine hiking, excellent local flavours and great people. We will start the trip from Jerusalem and head to the Palestinian-Bedouin town of Rashayda south of Herodian. From there, we will hike through the rolling hills towards the area where we will spend the night while exploring some of the area’s special sites.

Along the way, we will visit one of the old Jordanian police stations lining the edge of the Judean Desert at Rujum a-Naqa, continuing with a wonderful evening under the stars with a delicious meal prepared by our hosts.

The following day, we will set out upon the cliffs of Ras Mukadem over the Dead Sea. The area is one of the most thrilling points above the Dead Sea and is only accessible through the area in which we will be travelling. Eventually, we will make our way towards the upper edges of Ein Gedi via the Yishai Ascent, straddling the edge of the cliffs.

The hike will finish with a descent towards Ein Gedi. Time permitting, there will be an optional visit (23 NIS) to Ein Gedi before heading back to Tel Aviv with a bus.


Friday, April 14th: 10:00 AM Meeting point at Jerusalem Convention Center (Binyanei HaUma) across from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station (we will send an exact location).

  • Bus to the Palestinian Bedouin village of Rashayda via the Highway Tunnels around Bethlehem
  • Hike to camping area to meet our host family at their caves
  • Local exploration at Rujum a Naqa
  • Dinner and camping under the stars

Saturday, April 15th: Bedouin Breakfast

  • Hiking above the Dead Sea via Ras Mukadem
  • Full day of exploration above the Dead Sea filled with panoramic views of the Judean Desert, Judean Mountains and Hebron Hills
  • Jagged descent via Ma’ale Yishai towards Ein Gedi
  • Return to Tel Aviv with bus

Costs: Early Bird Discounted payment of 260 NIS via PayPal directly to Finjan (covers transport from Jerusalem to Rashayda and return to Tel Aviv + Finjan guides). Regular priced tickets will be sold at 280 NIS via PayPal

  • 150 NIS CASH payment to Bedouin family for meals, hosting and mattresses
  • 23 NIS entrance to Ein Gedi

Please note: This is a fix priced and is non negotiable, regardless of whether or not participants choose to eat or sleep ‘outside’ of the area.

Important things to consider:

  • This hike is in Area C and Area B of the West Bank as designated by Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Each traveler is responsible for his or her own safety
  • If you are a vegetarian or vegan, please let us know after signing up so we can prepare a special meal option.
  • Mattresses and blankets will be provided; however, we recommend to bring a sleeping bag
  • The hike is a difficult-intermediate hike with some steep and jagged descents. It is not too technical but for those who have a fear of heights, you way want to sit this one out.
  • The trip is contingent on a certain amount of participants and will be cancelled should we not meet this requirement
  • There is no shade on much of the trail. Please make sure you have at least 4.5 litres of water for the hike
  • This is not a trip for those allergic to the sun and moon 🙂

Security, Safety, Cancellation Policy

Each traveller is responsible for his/her own health, security and safety

This hike is in Area C and B of the West Bank as defined by Israel and the Palestinian Authority

Each traveller is required to bring at least 4.5 litres of water

Sturdy shoes and appropriate gear is required as stated by Finjan

Full refunds will be issued no later than 96 hours prior to the hike as we are required to pay certain suppliers up until this date

Included in the payment made to PayPal is the cost of transport from Jerusalem and return to Tel Aviv and licensed tour guide and outdoor specialist for both days.

Payment does not include 150 NIS cash for meals, hosting and sleeping arrangements nor does it include 23 NIS entry to Ein Gedi (payable by Credit Card or Cash)

Finjan has the right to change the route of the trip based on weather conditions and professional considerations decisions around safety. 

This trip is exclusively part of Finjan Israel and not operated by another organizer.

Terms And Conditions