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Playing with Fire: Politics and Religion of the Temple Mount and Al Aqsa

189 NIS
Per person
189 NIS
Per person


Meeting Time:7:00

Completion Time: 16:00

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Trip Type:Urban


Join Finjan for a unique experience in Jerusalem as we delve into the politics, theology and messianic attachment surrounding the Temple Mount / Al Aqsa.

Our day will include an early morning visit to the Holy Esplanade (Temple Mount – Al Aqsa), the Rockefeller Museum, Lion’s Gate, Saladin Street, Suq al Qattanin, and a visit to the Temple Institute in the Jewish Quarter.

We will explore some of the secret corners of the city while getting a more nuanced understanding of daily life inside the walls of the Old City. Along the way, we will show you our favourite places that you won’t find in the guide books that go beyond the frequented tourist sites.

So, whats the plan?

We will meet at the Jaffa Gate and head directly to the Temple Mount – Al Aqsa to start the morning. From there, we will relax in Old Jerusalem’s most authentic market over something to drink before continuing through the Muslim Quarter towards Lion’s Gate.

Our next stop will be at the Rockefeller Museum in the heart of East Jerusalem. The Rockefeller Museum was built in the 1930s by the British to house all of their archeological findings that weren’t pilfered and taken back to London. It is also the seat of the Israel Antiquities Authority.

From here, we will head back into the Old City and wend our way towards the Temple Institute for a guided tour through the ages of Jewish messianism and never-ending connection to a site that was destroyed 2000 years ago!


The total cost is 189.50 NIS for regular priced tickets.

Early discounted tickets will be sold at a premium of 169.50 NIS


Participants cannot ascend the Temple Mount with any of the following items:

  • Sharp objects
  • Religious symbols on their clothing / body (unless it is covered completely)
  • Holy books (except the Quran)
  • Israeli flags
  • Musical instruments
  • Sometimes you cannot bring food up – it may be confiscated
  • Must have ID

If you have any questions – please ask us. You must have modest clothing in order to go up to the site.

  • Shoulders for men and women
  • Shirts/shawls up to forearms for women
  • Long pants for everyone or skirts
  • No tight fitting clothing

Whats Included

Licensed tour guide from Finjan

Fully guided tour of the Temple Institute

All necessary entrance fees throughout the day

  • Special rooftop visit
  • Hot drink in the market
  • Temple Institute entrance fee
  • Other surprises


Whats Not Included



Anything not mentioned above

Whats Not Included



Anything not mentioned above


Meet at Jaffa Gate at 07:00 outside of Jerusalem’s Old City

Ascend Temple Mount

Tour of Muslim Quarter

Lion’s Gate

Rockefeller Museum


Continuation of tour inside the Old City

Visit at the Temple Institute in the Jewish Quarter.

Estimated finishing time at 16:00

What To Bring

Water for the day

Modest clothing for visiting holy sites

Cash for lunch

Comfortable walking shoes



ID Card

Terms And Conditions


This trip requires suitable shoes for a day of walking and proper clothes for entering holy sites

* 1.5 Litres of water per person + hat + sunscreen

* Each participant is responsible for his or her own personal security and health. 


*** Included in the price of the ticket is a non-refundable deposit  fee. This fee is 50 NIS

*** Full refund including deposit fee will be issued upon request no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled start time.

*** This trip is based on a minimum number of participants. Trip can be cancelled up to 48 hours prior to the start date.

*** Partial refunds will be issued no later than 3 days prior to the trip (50 NIS fee not refunded)

*** No refunds will be issued within 72 hours of the scheduled trip

*** Should a participant cancel his or her ticket, he or she can inquire about moving the ticket to another Finjan event at the same cost.

*** Should a participant request a refund within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time, a full refund can be specially issued if that ticket will be purchased by another participant or someone on the Finjan waiting list.

*** Full refund will be issued should the trip be cancelled or postponed for any reason at the discretion of the trek leader(s).

*** The trek leader(s) has the right to change the location of the trip prior to or throughout the trip based on weather conditions without issuing a refund to participants.

*** The trek leader(s) have full discretion in not allowing a participant to fulfil the trek based on certain health considerations and or lack of proper footwear/water.

Arrival to Jerusalem is done individually. We will meet at the Jaffa Gate at 07:00 sharp!

This trip is part of the Hiking in Israel community.