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The Samaritans: Mount Gerizim and Jabal Kabir

230 NIS
Per person
230 NIS
Per person


Meeting Time:07:00

Completion Time: 17:00

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Trip Type:Culture


The Samaritans are the world’s smallest ethnoreligious group and have survived myriad empires in the holy land dating back to the Neo-Assyrian conquest over ‘Israel’ in 722 BCE. According to their history, they’ve maintained the authentic form of the laws and traditions that G-d gave to Moses on Mount Sinai. From here, their history takes a fascinating turn!

We will be there just in time for the beginning of Samaritan Sukkot!

Mount Gerizim, located high above the Palestinian city of Nablus and the Balata refugee camp, is the holiest site to the Samaritan community which according to the Samaritan Torah (Samaritan Pentateuch) is the true location where Abraham nearly sacrificed Isaac to make a covenant with G-d, not Mount Moriah in Jerusalem.

We will be guided by a Samaritan elder and priest from the Samaritan community. Yefet will give us a clear historical understanding of Samaritanism and take us to visit a local Samaritan Sukkah (Samaritan Sukkot is according to the Samaritan calendar which differs from the Rabbinic tradition).

Following our introduction to the Samaritan community, we will visit the Mount Gerizim National Park and archeological site. This site captures the special history of the area and lets us travel back in time to the heigh of Samaritanism within the historical record.

After exploring Mount Gerizim, we will head to Jabal Kabir – Mount Kabir – the highest point in the mountains of Samaria. On a clear day, you can see from the Mediterranean to Mount Hermon! The site is a perfect way to start understanding the geopolitical situation in the area.

Ascending Mount Kabir, it is easy to understand how the area around Nablus and the Shomron (Samaria) has become such an important part of both the Palestinian and Israeli ethos today.

The cost of the trip is 230 NIS and includes the following: 

*Transportation to and from Tel Aviv, 

*Entrance fee to the Samaritan historical museum and a guided visit with a Samaritan priest + entrance to the special Sukkah

Entrance to Mount Gerizim National Park + guided tour of the park


Whats Included

Israeli licensed tour guide

Full transport to and from Tel Aviv

Entrance to Samaritan Museum

Entrance to Mount Gerizim National Park

Guided tour with Samaritan priest



Whats Not Included

Food for the day

Anything not listed above

Whats Not Included

Food for the day

Anything not listed above


07:00 departure from Tel Aviv Savidor (Namir Road)

Arrival to Mount Gerizim for guided tour and Sukkah visit

Visit to Mount Gerizim National Park

Visit to Jabal Kabir (Alon Moreh)

Return to Tel Aviv

What To Bring

Food for the day

Comfortable shoes for walking



Water for the day

ID (passport copy or Israeli ID)

Terms And Conditions


This trip requires suitable footwear for walking and light hiking. 

* 1.5 Litres of water per person + hat + sunscreen is required

* Each participant is responsible for his or her own personal security and health.

* This trip is located in Area C of the West Bank. Please make sure your insurance covers these areas. 


*** Included in the price of the ticket is a non-refundable deposit  fee. This fee is 50 NIS

*** Full refund including deposit fee will be issued upon request no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled start time.

*** Between seven and three days prior to the trip, participants can cancel their ticket and get a full refund less the deposit fee

*** No refunds will be issued within 72 hours of the scheduled trip

*** Should a participant cancel his or her ticket, he or she can inquire about moving the ticket to another Finjan event at the same cost.

*** Full refund will be issued should the trip be cancelled or postponed for any reason at the discretion of the trek leader(s).

*** The trek leader(s) has the right to change the location of the trip prior to or throughout the trip based on weather conditions without issuing a refund to participants.

*** The trek leader(s) have full discretion in not allowing a participant to fulfil the trek based on certain health considerations and or lack of proper footwear/water.

*** Price includes two fully licensed guides and outdoor specialists, transportation to and from Tel Aviv! Price does NOT include food and other beverages ***

Departure time is at 08:00 sharp from Tel Aviv Savidor Merkaz (Central Train Station/Arlozorov).  Return to the same point by 17:00. The bus will leave promptly and on time!

This trip is part of the Hiking in Israel community.