Finjan caters to all types of travelers and can create the ideal private, custom tour, excursion and itinerary to suit your travel needs in Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories.


Urban Excursions

Experience the city environs through the eyes of locals. Let all your senses run wild as you experience the urban landscapes that combine rich history, special culinary flavors and hidden cultural attractions off the beaten path.

Hiking, Nature and the Great Outdoors

The best way to understand a country and its people is through nature and hiking the land. Join us on adventure across the diverse natural environment and wilderness areas that have shaped civilizations for thousands of years across the Levant and Middle East.

Geopolitical Tours

The geopolitical landscape makes its way into any conversation in Israel. Finjan can build a customized itinerary that focuses on the unique challenges and narratives spread across the land through personal encounters on the fascinating people that inhabit the land.

Experience the Wild Side of Jordan

Get in touch with us to get more details and let us know how you prefer to travel.